We believe that in our world of conflicting interests and unpredictable events, security risks are constant and evolving threats will always call for adaptive solutions.

Within the complex and growing area of Civil Aviation, I-SEC is the professional, leading partner in taking care of security for its customers. Customer and employee are focus in our company. We believe that security and efficiency can go hand in hand with a pleasant customer experience.

The mission of I-SEC is:

To be and remain the number 1 by offering innovative solutions to security issues in complex environments through partnership, in the context of safeguarding the interests of all our stakeholders. Our employees contribute reliably to this and assume their responsibility. They know what they stand for, are hospitable and flexible and have an eye and ear for their environment.

The core values of I-SEC are:

We are security specialist who are fully committed to our clients and our profession

We maintain the highest level of services by always remaining proactive and responsive to evolving needs of the market.

We continuously turn past experience and current vision into future products and services.

Environmental Responsibility
We are dedicated to environmental improvements that foster a sustainable future and lead to social and economical improvements in the community we do business.

Our Interpretation

  • Every I-SEC employee stands behind I-SEC and I-SEC stands behind its employees. Core values are propagated back and forth.
  • We proactively contribute ideas and consult with colleagues to achieve goals.

We are flexible and versatile, both internally and to the customer.