I-SEC can also be the business card of your company

I-SEC also provides general security services, varying from shop surveillance, closing rounds and CCTV surveillance to access control and receptionist or hospitality services and anything in between.

Object Security

Tightening of security measures ensures a reduction of criminal activities in business, but in many cases there is still a lot to improve or the systems are outdated.

Thanks to I-SEC you can freely focus yourself on the activities of your organization, while we take care of your security. After a thorough and comprehensive analysis of your business and various environmental factors, a consultant of I-SEC can offer you the most efficient solution. We deliver a customized solution for every situation and are constantly on the move to maintain and improve the desired quality level.

We watch over your property with among others the following services:

  • Access Control
  • Closing Round
  • Shop Surveillance
  • Camera surveillance

Camera Surveillance (CCTV)

Want remote security?

Camera surveillance can be a good solution. To remotely carry out security work, our security agents will operate the camera systems. Based on the observed camera images and the protocol that is prepared, our security agents are able to act effectively causing unsafe situations to be avoided or limited.

Shop Surveillance

A lot of the crime in shops and malls can be prevented by developing security awareness with the store personnel.

The shop staff is generally not trained to deal with criminal activities. The security agent of I-SEC does have this knowledge and experience. He / she will act accordingly to shoplifting and other criminal activities, but more importantly, the security agent prevents criminals from undertaking these actions. In addition, the security agent is trained for emergency response, first aid, and operating the AED. Your staff and customers can feel confident entering your store because our security agents act adequately. You will notice nothing of this, but the malicious people and the criminals will notice themselves being observed.

Reception / Hospitality services

I-SEC does more than just security and protection. We also provide, for example, hospitality services.

The visitors to your organization will be taken care of according to your wishes, where customer service and hospitality are the focus. The receptionists and hostesses of I-SEC integrate fully into your organization and will take care of common tasks, such as controlling telephone calls, mail sorting and more. The best possible flow of your daily activity is paramount. Therefore we select employees that best fit your organization. We consider it important that our employees are not only familiar with the desired work procedures, but also with the environment and the type of visitor. By means of client specific training we prepare the hostess / receptionist for the assignment. We also find it important that our employee understands your corporate culture and that he / she is representative. In addition, we constantly monitor the current situation and in consultation with you, we determine which issues may be improved. This way you can be assured that our services remain optimal.